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    AMD switch ?


      I am considering a gpu move over from nvidia to amd. I am seeing the rx 480 as a great option considering the price/performance how is amd driver support for title within the last 10 years to now ?

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          I have been using AMD GPU's since about 2002 and have had little to no issues with any of there drivers,I have used GPU's from the 9800 series all the way to my 7970's and have had great luck with all of them.I have never used DDU or any registry cleaner and up til about 3 years ago had never even uninstalled a driver before installing a new one.

          I did try Nvidia a few years ago,a GTX 560 Ti 448 (Back up rig)and it died within 2 hours,took it back ,got a 7870 and everything was good.

          Bought these 7970's off a guy that replaced them with dual RX 480's and he is extremely happy with them,0 driver issues for him.


          Good Luck!

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            AMD's only had one driver issue as far back as I can remember, and it was the very first Crimson release last year caused a fan speed issue with a very small number of cards and was fixed shortly after. Only game I can think of that has a problem with AMD hardware is Project Cars which severely favors nVidia, despite the developer claiming they're not in cahoots with them.

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