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    Can the Carrizo AMD APU FX-8800P Be Overclocked?


      I have an ASUS A555D (X555DG) Laptop bought new in Jan16, with the FX-8800P/Radeon R8 APU. Can this chip be overclocked? If so, how much? And how, what tool sets do I use to accomplish this task?


      From researching, people that seemed to have OC'd this chip, complain of throttling. And others who try tools like AmdmsrTweker and AMD Overdrive, get no affects of the changes. I do not know about anyone is who as acquired a cracked BIOS and had success.


      I'm asking if an OC can be performed successfully on this particular CPU/APU.

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          Laptop processors are not overclockable due to restrictive thermals.

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              Thanks for the reply BlackZion.


              I have a ASUS A555D (X555DG), I understood that this was more an issue with other manufacturers like HP's Envy and Lenova Y700, I've never heard that the ASUS made the list. Is it any laptop with the FX-8800P APU?


              It seems that a thermal restriction could be removed, physically if need be, through software, adding heat sinks, and maybe find a way to up fan speed or replace with higher performance fan that can fit or custom made to fit. Presuming to make it cool enough to stay out of trouble.


              Who has actually overclocked it successfully, yet may have had issues? What tools did they use to perform and overclock? And was the Overclocking they did reversible?


              I'm not interested in gaming, I'm interested in running as a database server, so the graphics processing and performance is not an issue.