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HD 6450 Still Unstable

Question asked by sodapop554 on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by sodapop554

I offer my apologizes in advance if this topic is getting repetitive, believe me this isn't the only place I've asked about this multiple times over the years. I've tried performing total clean installs using DDU utility. Even used the Crimson Beta along with just installing the last WHQL certified drivers by them self without the Catalyst Software Suite. None of this has worked, my Radeon HD 6450 1GB still locks up resulting in a BSOD. The past 5 or so times this has occurred have all been in the same place of RuneScape. An area with multiple objects containing a type of bloom (even though I have it turned off). My warranties have expired so exercising that is out of the question. I could afford a new low-end card but I fear risk of detonation from my TurboLink 500W. Although that I'm aware it hasn't caused a problem yet, I've heard that cheap PSU's are prone to have massive power fluxuations among other issues. Finally, I can't afford a whole system overhaul right now but I do plan & will be able to build a new PC this coming Winter after Zen is released.


1: Being that these crashes only usually occur once a month or 2, is it safe to assume that this is a low level issue & can ignored for the next 4 months?


2: If 1 is true or even if it's not, should I re-install the latest WHQL driver again, with or without Catalyst or go back to Crimson?


3: If 2 is true, is there any advanced way I can tune the driver settings to be the most stable other than the Performance, Balance & Best Quality profiles?


4: I've tried updating my ASUS M4N68T-V2 BIOS before but it wouldn't recognize my flash drive via the EZflash utility, any suggestions?