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atikmdag.sys BSOD under Windows 10

Question asked by artanis on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by oeai

Hi everyone!


I had a major problem earlier with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The day before it got installed everything worked fine, but when it was applied I couldn't use my start menu and any other applications.

Because of this update I had to Reset my PC which is a Lenovo G505s.


After Resetting all my apps were gone from C:\ but everything worked perfectly.

The other day when I booted up my PC I first encountered with the atikmdag.sys BSOD on startup.

I went back to a Restore Point I made after Resetting.

Everything worked again then later the same issue happened after watching a video.


Later I uninstalled all AMD drivers and Catalyst too in safe mode the re-installed them in normal mode with the auto-detect software.

The current version is Catalyst 15.7.1 for me. This is what the auto-detect software installed.

After all these I didn't have any problem on startup. But later it happened again when I was playing a video game then it was a sudden black screen followed by the BSOD with the same atikmdag.sys error.


Here are my system specifications:

CPU: AMD A8-4500M @ 1900MHz

VGA: ATI/AMD Radeon HD 7640G DDR3 SDRAM (768MB)ATI/AMD Radeon HD 8500M SDRAM (2048MB)

OS:  Windows 10 Professional (x64) (Version 1607)



Thank you for reading through, I tried to write as detailed as possible.

Also sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language.