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Problem with one core usage 100%

Question asked by mcelger on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by techguy

Hello there.

I did an upgrade of my system before moving on Windows 10 Pro.

The upgrade was from Phenom 2 6core 1090 to 8core FX 8320, from MSI HAWX 6870 to SAPPHIRE NITRO 380X, from 4 Dimm G.Skill Sniper total 16GB of 1600speed (not working well at that speed on my phenom so i don't risk and change it) to Kingstone Fury 1600Speed of 2Dimm total 16GB (Working perfect at 1600speed), as also 3 new HDD drives at raid0 which i always using that kind of array. I keep my beloved Asrock 890FX Deluxe5 (my opinion if not the best, one of the best 890FX Motherboard). My problem is that in lot of games (especially at UE3-4 but not only on that engine) after a while (30-50min) the first core (always the first) going over time to 100% and the other cores lowering till 1st core reach 100% and all the other 7 reach almost 0-5% then the game is unplayable-bottleneck with really really low fps (haven't yet check if that happens also to long time consuming rendering, as i'm also use the machine for some 3D scenes i make).

Till now i have enable disable almost everything from BIOS, i have Unpark all my Cores, forced the programs to run all Cores, and did everything i have found as a "solutions" over developers forum that provided by other users (as long devs don't give a ****), but eventually the same things happens at the end. Even newer games that mentioning as multicore use have that problem (i've already mention that cores start normally but loosing % as time pass and force 1st core to reach higher %) The only game that work the best is GTA V, is looks like great optimization or i don't know what else is.

Please provide any help you can because that is really frustrating, and that upgrade in my "damn" country (Greece) cost me 2monthly+ payout.


PS: My BIOS Version is the last (2.0).


Thank you in advance for any help will provided.