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    R9 290 Blackscreen




      I bought a R9 series as a graphic card two years ago, which worked fine until I'd say one year ago.


      The computer then started to shut down whenever I'd play a game. I upgrated my Drivers, checked for any overheating issues, changed the thermic paste of my graphic card, nothing worked.


      I then started to look on the internet for advise, to see whether at least one of my compenent was faulty or not, and found out it had to do with the R9 series. I finally managed to stabilize it, by using MSI afterburner, in which I lowered the CoreClock and the MemoryClock to 875, and by forcing constent voltage (as advised on the internet).


      This is, however, not enough. I still crash from time to time on games such as WoW or Overwatch, and I will crash every single time I try to join a game in CS:GO. I'd like to find a way to end this before it kills my computer.


      Thank you


      Driver version: Catalyst 14.4
      Mobo: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd H87-HD3 / Serial number: FOXCONN 115XDBP 37H6

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          Often the Supply of Power , when breaking the speed you need more energy to // the same when play heavy game you need more power 

          if you play game that need low graphic it will br fine 


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              Well the thing is, I'm not necesseraly playing heavy games. I get blackscreens on WoW, which is a 2004 game, I can't join a single game of CS:GO, and so on.


              There should be a way to tweak the supply of power in order to give the graphic card what she needs, isnt there ?


              I also read that an update of my BIOS could solve the issue, but I'm of course reluctant to do so, at least without AMD's help, because they probably have a database of compatible BIOS versions.