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    Hey guys! I have some general questions about my laptop's GPU (8750m),please answer them,thanks.


      First the Specs for my laptop


      Acer TMP255-MG

      4GB Ram

      i5-4200U CPU @1.6 Ghz

      Windows 10(64bit)
      Radeon HD 8750m 2GB( my system shows this as 8600/8700M )



      Q1:These are the drivers that I have installed for my AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2gb,are they the latest?
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      Q2: I have the AMD Catalyst Control Center installed and then I found out about the Radeon Software Crimson Edition,whats the difference between the two and should I install that?


      Q3: How Can I tell when an Application is using Intel HD and when it is using my GPU?


      I have configured the applications through "Swicthable Graphics" but is there anyway to see what is actually being used,thanks.