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Hey guys! I have some general questions about my laptop's GPU (8750m),please answer them,thanks.

Question asked by frakistan on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by kingfish

First the Specs for my laptop


Acer TMP255-MG

4GB Ram

i5-4200U CPU @1.6 Ghz

Windows 10(64bit)
Radeon HD 8750m 2GB( my system shows this as 8600/8700M )



Q1:These are the drivers that I have installed for my AMD Radeon HD 8750M 2gb,are they the latest?
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Q2: I have the AMD Catalyst Control Center installed and then I found out about the Radeon Software Crimson Edition,whats the difference between the two and should I install that?


Q3: How Can I tell when an Application is using Intel HD and when it is using my GPU?


I have configured the applications through "Swicthable Graphics" but is there anyway to see what is actually being used,thanks.