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    System_Service_exception on newer driver




      My specification is an A-10 5750M and a M290X (2GB version) and win10 64bit


      and I was using the driver number 15.11-Win10-64Bit for quite some time (half a year at least) and just 2 days ago I started getting the blue screen with: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (atikmdag.sys).


      as for now I got the system stable on an older driver (15.7.1-Win10-64bit).


      My question is what driver should I use and should be stable, the 15.11 were good for quite some time and now this...

      My first guess was that Microsoft release an update and overwrote some files, but now every time I try to use the newer drivers I get the blue screen and the driver itself with the number 15.11 could not change, so I don't know why the blue screen...


      Can anyone help with that?

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          Updating the case.
          Today (4.09.2016) the drivers failed me as well (I did not change anything in the settings - it occurred during watching a movie). Resolution went down to windows basic drivers resolution 1366 × 768 instead of my 1920x1080

          and the icon in device manager shows that the dedicated card has a problem.


          So I did not solve it, but here is what I did and what strange findings I made:


          I uninstalled the hardware via device manager and installed latest drivers - when I read the supported hardware it shows both, my APU and my GPU as supported, but the installation software shows me that my hardware is not supported.


          After installing it it doesn't change anything and the AMD radeon settings are not opening and showing this:


          I have read that I should try the AMD Cleanup Utility - so that I did.


          Nothing changed - AMD radeon settings are not opening.
          The Drivers say my card is not supported.
          And the device manager shows errors on my GPU:












          Please help me...
          I would really not like to reinstall the whole windows stuff