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Having trouble with MSI Rx 470, i think?

Question asked by nibiru on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2016 by nibiru

Asus M51ad- Tower  

Asus H81M-E/M51AD/DP_M8 -Mobo       

Intel i7 4790s- Cpu

Msi Rx 470  4gb- Gpu

Evga 550 W1, 80+ White 500w- PSU

12g Ram

Ms 10- Os


Im a pc noob so I'm not sure if whats happening is normal and im just not used to it or if theres a problem somwhere.

I bought a Msi rx 470 to put in my stock case along with a 500w Psu. Installed both no problems , uninstalled old Nvida drivers and installed the latest AMD driver (multiple times), So now im ready to test them out, and see  what pc gaming is all about.

After a restart i notice it taking a little longer to boot , and the pc felt a little slower in general ,but i figured another reboot later would resolve that. I start up WOrld of warcraft, and that was taking longer to load, i get in game and FPS were up ,but i was getting like stutters or slight lag every few seconds and it wasn't my ping.

I'm new to the whole pc gaming so did some amateur troubleshooting by loading up MSI Afterburner and running the Titan of the lakes stress test at 1080p fullscreen like i used to do with my previous gpu (gtx 750 1g) and notice a few things. The power bar at the bottom would fluctuate a lot from like 100 to 1 then back to 100 then to 40 etc, and my old card would just sit at 100 for the test. While at idle my core clock would jump around a bit from 300 to 1k and all in between.

I felt like my card might have been getting hot to fast, just browsing the web or typing this im sitting at around 52C but once i load World of warcraft after about 10 mins of gaming fans are at 80 percent and temp is 72C. I'm new to pc upgrades, and this is the biggest card i ever owned so idk if that's normal. The fans get loud and i can't see gaming for hours on end with them 80 percent or higher , but thats why im here asking questions.

My concerns are my core clock jumping around, pc games with stutter, lag, pc is slower from boot up to everything else and in MSI afterburner the power meter jumps around a lot during stress test and I feel the cards getting to hot to quick. The case insn't super roomy but its not to tight imo, and i did a good job cleaning it out b4 installing new equipment.

I haven't been gamin since I installed the equipment Saturday cause i don't want to make anything worse or i might just be being worried for no reason but my pc is slower now with the new gpu so theres gotta be something going on.

Anyone with any help or advice i will appreciate it.