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    R9 270X Really low fps and I don't know why


      Hi everyone guys, i'm valsk6! Finally i found AMD forums platform, i'm glad!


      I have SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 270X and it isn't going good right now!

      This videocard fps are really low nowadays from 2-3 months and I don't know why.. maybe drivers..

      I tested out a good quantity of different drivers and guides but I didn't found an answer and I don't know what to do.


      My main issue is:

      I do from 10 to 50 fps on Trove or Cry of Fear.

      They are 2 games that should be really easy from videocard to render. but unforutatenly it isn't.

      Also if i lower my quality the fps ARE THE SAME.. it's why i don't know what is the problem.. Please help me!


      my specs:

      M5A97 EV0 R2.0 MOBO

      AMD FX6300+ CPU