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Wrong AMD FX-9590 CPU information ?

Question asked by ferni55 on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by warsun

Dear Reds,


I think Windows Task Manager shows wrong AMD FX-9590 CPU information.

When you run Task Manager, at CPU tab you can see specs of the CPU.

It shows;

Cores: 4

Logical processors: 8

What 4 ? Why ?

It supposed to show 8 for Cores too..


I don't know if this makes affect on Windows operating system performance but It is not pretty to show cores as 4. Its a wrong information by looking at AMD website as there shows # of CPU Cores: 8 & # of Threads: 8. This is what users and fans knows.


CPU-Z also shows Cores 8: Threads: 8 too...


Maybe it is affecting performance ? Why not ?

Please tell Microsoft to correct that information. It may create environment for bugs and performance issues.


PS: You might came with FX-9s are actually 4 cores, ok but why Windows Task Manager would not show the same as AMD website, AIDA64, CPU-Z ?