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    i keep having this issue when i scale down my resoltion in the amd drivers down about 5% to fit my monitor but when i do that it limits the frames to 30


      so i recently got a rx 470, and after installing it and getting drivers installed i noticed that my screen was cur off just a little bit (5% percent to big to be exact). so i went into the crimson drivers and went to the scaling option and scaled it down about 5% and it seemed to be fine. i then opened a game of overwatch and even though i was getting 90 fps in game it appeared as if i were onl getting 30. so i then go into gtav and run a benchmark. it starts and is getting good frames up in the 60s and 70s at high to ultra, but it still looks like 30 fps. i dont have the issue if i dont scale but if i dont scale then the screen gets cut off on all sides. any help is more than apprecited thank you!