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    How to activate AMD instead of built-in Intel graphics?


      A bit of context: I had Win7 and Ubuntu, tried upgrading to Win10 but couldn't, so a guy helped me and gave me Win8 instead. I recently upgraded to Win10 using my Win7 key, and now everything seems to work, except the following (which is why I'm here):


      Here are my specs:

      Notebook: HP ProBook 4730s

      OS: Windows 10 Home, 64bit

      CPU: Intel I5 - 2450M @ 2.50GHz

      RAM: 4GB

      Motherboard: HP 167C (KBC Version 22.1F)

      BIOS: HP 68SRR Ver. F.0A (07/18/2011)


      and two graphics devices:

      AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series

      Intel HD Graphics 3000


      The problem is that I cannot access the AMD one (e.g. dxdiag sees the Intel as the display adapter). At the moment they both appear in Device Manager.


      What I've already tried:

      -Uninstall the Intel display adapter in device manager -> doesn't jump to AMD, but to Basic Microsoft Display (after a restart and maybe a while, Intel takes over again)

      -Uninstall the AMD (both with amdcleanuputility and DDU) -> AMD disappears from device manager, then install the crimson 16.7.3 -> only allows me to install AMD Install Manager -> nothing else happens (besides maybe AMD reappearing in the device manager, but Intel still in charge)

      -Same step as above (after I use DDU again), with the latest crimson beta driver (the legacy one) -> same result

      -Uninstall both AMD and Intel from device manager (or DDU, cleanup) -> left with Basic Microsoft Display -> tried the above steps -> same result (except after a while, Intel recovers again)

      -Using Windows Update to install available drivers (both AMD and Intel) -> at 50% preparing to install the AMD driver, screen went black with a buzzing sound -> had to restart

      -Same step as above, except this time it said there was a problem -> Retry -> now it says everything is up to date.


      At the moment they both appear in the device manager, but I'm running on the Intel, as AMD doesn't do anything. I still have the AMD Install Manager (Radeon-Crimson-16.7.3-Win10-64Bit), but it can only install itself (?), and something called WU-CCC2, which doesn't seem to do anything either.


      I'd appreciate any help I can get. Also, let me know if there's any other piece of info I should provide.