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Why AMD cards dont perform better?

Question asked by abi on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by catchabreak

This is something that riddles me for some time, and became more evident with the new Nvidia Pascal cards. If we compare AMD with Nvidia cards just by looking on the hardware side, for exmple the new GTX 1060 with RX 480 , we will see  a clear  advantage for the RX480. More compute power, more Vram, more bus interface,.....


rx gtx.jpg

But when we come to real life and see DX11 benchmarks, 1060 is a clear FPS winner, for DX12 benchmarks RX480 comes on top but still not far away from 1060.


So my first thought was, probably there is a problem with the API or with the game engine itslef that doesnt allow the AMD cards to perform better.  But  at this moment I dont feel this is the case. Why??? for 3 reasons:


1.  consoles, they use AMD hardware and are able of make full use of theyr processing power.


2. Vulkan, if we see DOOM benchamrk RX480 is near gtx 980


3. Nvidia cards have physix feature that lowers CPU usage comparing to AMD cards, however consoles dont show this problem.


And by this reason i believe that AMD cards can't place theyr true power on games because of  AMD  drivers themselfs. There is a clear problem with AMD drivers performing on DX 11 and still on DX12. The only API that unlock card full power is vulkan


Nvidia for some time that makes huge efforts to provide the best Drivers for new games, AMD on the other side make huge effort to place more powerfull cards to deal with theyr own drivers bottleneck. Am i wrong?