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    HD Radeon 7970M has no more Driver Updates?


      Hello, I'm using the Radeon HD7970M with a AMD A10- 4600M. Recently i was unable to install new drivers, it was mentioned my graphcis card isn't compatible. Is the Crimson 16.2.1 really the last possible update for this graphic card or is there a way to install newer versions? thx in advanc

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          It is the last/latest driver for your APU. Since this is in a laptop, with switchable graphics, it is the last.

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              I have the same graphics card and problem. Well, I will try to explain it thou i'm not very good to write in english.


              I did a clean unistall of all AMD drivers, both with AMD cleanunistall and DDU. Tried them separate and both of them.
              If I update my drivers with windows update I get drivers for my graphic cards that work, but they are old and cannot perform when i'm trying games. For example, Wargames Red dragon menu lag so much I wanna pound my head bloody against the table edge.

              If I try to install Radeon Crimson 16.7.3 it says "AMD Radeon 7660G,  your graphic card is not compatible with the actual drivers etc" (that is my integrated graphic card).

              I've tried to install it anyway and windows device manager says AMD Radeon HD 7970M is not working. Error code 43.

              It's like it's not even trying to install drivers for HD7970M.


              I've tried to install drivers without microsoft drivers, i've tried to install Radeon Crimson 16.8.2 first and Windows update drivers after.

              Also tried to install 16.7.3 ignoring the warning and installing 16.8.2 after, same result.


              I've tried to install 16.7.3 before, after and without windows update drivers. Same with the 16.8.2.


              Always the same result. One time I actually got CCC to work, do not remeber how, but still HD7970M didn't work properly according to the device manager.

              But one thing is constant, Radeon settings never work. Always says something about "try again when AMD graphics is connected".
              I'm about to put my computer to the shooting range, any idea how to solve the problem before it's last breath?


              MSi GX60

              CPU: AMD A10 -4600M

              VGA: AMD Radeon HD 7970M