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    Radeon R9 380 Only Showing OpenGL 4.4


      So I've been trying to play No Man's Sky, which requires OpenGL 4.5. According to the AMD website, R9 380 (4GB) cards should now be able to support OpenGL 4.5, but when I test my card (using GLview), it tells me my version is only 4.4. Is OpenGL 4.5 on a card-by-card basis? Because I have noticed that a few R9 380 cards online list OpenGL 4.4, while others say 4.5. My understanding, however, is that the most updated drivers, regardless of brand (Gigabyte, Sapphire, etc.) should allow for OpenGL 4.5 support, or am I wrong?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          It will work I just tried the game.

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            I have the same problem with the same card. The game will run but you get massive frame drops at times. Seems to be better as time goes on but once you hit up anything indoors the wall turn in a disco light show. I can't find anything to update to OpenGl 4.5 I have the very latest driver and still get 4.4 but I have 100% compatibility on 4.5. It is weird.



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                My problem has been solved.

                My GLViewer is showing the exact same thing as you, and now I've confirmed that we do definitely have 4.5 support, it just doesn't show up in the current version.


                This might help you out: The reason why I couldn't open the game was actually a processor issue. Certain processors just don't work with No Man's Sky. Your processor needs to support SSE4.1. I bought a new processor yesterday which arrived this morning, and after installing it I can finally open the game. Not only that, but I am actually getting 60fps with only the occasional drop.


                Thanks for the replies, everyone.