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    Another 9590 Freezing Thread.


      I just built a computer, It has the following parts.


      9590 Cpu.

      2x MSI Rx480 Crossfire

      MSI 990fxa gaming mobo 1.4 bios

      Corsair h100i v2 water cooler

      EVGA Supernova b2 850w semi-modular powersupply

      4x4 ram from crucial Ballistix



      The computer is unusable. I can boot, but as soon as I get to my desktop it runs sluggish and freezes if I click anything.

      For some reason its mostly linked to system folders. If I use the internet it is fine for almost 5 minutes or so before it freezes.

      My CPU temps are good, considering the water cooling.

      My ram timing I set to t2.

      I cant turn off my turbo in the BIOS, a lot of options are just greyed out.


      Please help, I Spent a lot of money on this build.


      Do note the power supply, I really had to fiddle with it to find a cord that fit the 8 pin connector. I only found one cord in the package that came with my supernove.

      One side of the cord had holes that directly fit the cpu's power plug, same holes I.E. Square Circle Circle Square, Circle square square Circle. But the otherside just fit because some circles fit into squares, it did not match perfectly. My cpus power plug is the same circle square configuration as the power plug on the back of my supernova for the cpu. Is this powersupply not compatible with my set up for some obscure reason?

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          I wonder if you're using a PCIe 8 pin instead of the EPS 8 pin your motherboard requires, that would be a problem.

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            I cant turn off my turbo in the BIOS, a lot of options are just greyed out.

            But you can clear CMOS settings (reset to default)! See how to do it in your motherboard Manual.

            Often, there's a two ways to do it:

            1)It can be done by short-circuiting the "Clear CMOS" jumpers as it's described in "jumper settings" part of your motherboard manual. If it does not help, try the second solution.

            2)Or just power off your PC, turn off your PSU, unplug it from wall socket, wait about 1 minute, then eject your battery from motherboard (it's often CR2032) and wait about 20-30 minutes, test your battery voltage (or just buy new), for CR2032 it should be 2,85-3V, then (after 20-30 mins), insert your battery in motherboard, plug your PSU cord to wall socket, then turn on PSU and power on computer.