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    Third party AMD Zen ES Benchmarks Leaked - 10% faster than i5 4670k


      AMD Zen Engineering Sample Benchmarks Leak Out - Summit Ridge CPU Faster Than The Intel Core i5 4670K In AotS Benchmark



      The Zen ES sample is immediately faster than most of the competition. Even with a base clock of 2.8 Ghz, we can see that it manages to beat out the Intel Core i5 4670k which has a base clock of 3.4 Ghz. It is a full 38% faster than the AMD FX-8350 and around 10% faster than the i5 4670k. However, in its current state, and in this particular benchmark, the Zen ES 1D variant is around 11% slower than the Core i7 4790 (which has a base clock of 3.6 Ghz).


      I think there's also something else which could be even more noteworthy than the performance increase (since we knew Zen would bring massive performance gains), and that's the fact that although this was running on Windows 10 (because it was DirectX 12), there is no way Windows 10 could have received OS level support for Zen yet since it hasn't had a chance to get to the Microsoft labs. This to me is a pretty good indication that the vast majority of the PC market, being on an OS other than Windows 10, will not receive a performance hindrance because of Microsoft's decision to only support new processors on Windows 10. amdmatt you thinking the same way?

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          It's nice and all, but I'm curious why they compared it to a three year old, quad core Intel processor?

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              They said they had to look at other systems which ran that benchmark since they didn't have it in their labs, but that 3 year old Intel chip is still 20% faster than the FX-8350, and it's only 11% slower than the 4790 despite a 27% slower clock speed, which means the per clock speed is higher than the 4790, and the 4790 is 36% faster than the 8350. Granted it's 2 years old BUT this kind of performance from an engineering sample of brand new silicon compared to mature Intel hardware and especially to the 8350 is amazing, especially if it does shake out that there is no Windows 7 or 8.1 performance penalty.


              Plus the i7-4790k is still on sale for $340, so if AMD were able to put this chip as it is on sale today for even $275 there'd be a massive price shakeup in the Intel camp. Say by the time Zen hits the shelves they're able to equal the 4790 in terms of performance with the same clock rate, which I think is a strong possibility, and it carries a price tag of $250-$275, or even $200 so AMD can focus on market share. That'll completely redefine the idea of a budget computer the same way the GTX 1060 and RX 480 redefined the idea of midrange graphics. It'll make AMD as viable in the processor market as the HD 4000 series did with Radeon cards after the embarrassment which as the X1000, HD 2000, and HD 3000 series compared to nVidia.


              I know it is only one benchmark, and it is a game, but I don't think anyone would argue that the i7-4790k is a slacker when it comes to performance, it blows AMD chips out of the water on every front, and I think it's amazing that AMD is able to put out a chip with this kind of performance compared to Intel considering the huge R&D advantage Intel has. Sure it may not top Intel's best offerings, but if it gets you all the performance you need while keeping more money in your wallet, I don't think many people except the Intel fanboys will care that Intel had that performance years ago. And it's certainly not something you can say about AMD chips now, even they know this because they use Intel chips in their benchmarks.