Third party AMD Zen ES Benchmarks Leaked - 10% faster than i5 4670k

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AMD Zen Engineering Sample Benchmarks Leak Out - Summit Ridge CPU Faster Than The Intel Core i5 4670K In AotS Benchmark

The Zen ES sample is immediately faster than most of the competition. Even with a base clock of 2.8 Ghz, we can see that it manages to beat out the Intel Core i5 4670k which has a base clock of 3.4 Ghz. It is a full 38% faster than the AMD FX-8350 and around 10% faster than the i5 4670k. However, in its current state, and in this particular benchmark, the Zen ES 1D variant is around 11% slower than the Core i7 4790 (which has a base clock of 3.6 Ghz).


I think there's also something else which could be even more noteworthy than the performance increase (since we knew Zen would bring massive performance gains), and that's the fact that although this was running on Windows 10 (because it was DirectX 12), there is no way Windows 10 could have received OS level support for Zen yet since it hasn't had a chance to get to the Microsoft labs. This to me is a pretty good indication that the vast majority of the PC market, being on an OS other than Windows 10, will not receive a performance hindrance because of Microsoft's decision to only support new processors on Windows 10. amdmatt you thinking the same way?