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Three monitors for R7 350x (micro format) without 3-port DP hub?

Question asked by buttonsrtoys on Aug 12, 2016
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I just bought a Dell micro format with the R7 350x video card and would like three independent monitors (no duplication). The card is micro format, so only has two ports: (1) DP and (1) DVI port. AMD supplies a link showing how to drive 3 monitors through the DP port with using a 3-port DP hub:


      Driving Multiple Displays From a Single DisplayPort™ Output with AMD Radeon Graphics Products.


but OMG they're pricey (~$150). Is there another way? E.g., using a 2-port DP hub and the DVI port would be a bit cheaper (~$100 for the 2-port hub). Still a bit painful, but not as bad.


The full-sized card has a 3rd port. I opened my box to see if the port was still available and I could hang a ribbon off it, but didn't see where this was possible.


Any thoughts appreciated!