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    Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered, tried TDR fix, Windows 10 64 bit Rx 480


      Part list, this build is brand new@: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/dg3fHN

      Running a MSI reference rx 480 and I keep getting this issue, only seems to occur sometimes with chrome or when playing world of warcraft, but occurs VERY frequently playing WoW. I've tried the TDR fix as well as clean wiping drivers/reinstalling drivers, currently using crimson 16.7.3 but also had this issue with 16.8.1. For whatever reason I can play Fallout 4 on high with no issues, but WoW which is much less graphically intensive it happens constantly.


      I've seen a large number of these posts from other Rx 480 owners so I don't think its an issue with my specific card:






      Update: Fallout 4 has started having the same issue as well




      Any fix in the works? or Any advice? Thank you in advance