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Eyefinity Gaming Profiles break constantly and consistently for a year now.

Question asked by naman on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by marcus-from-europe

Ive been fighting this ongoing issue since I made the huge mistake of buying an AMD video card almost a year ago. 


What happens is the automatic game profiles created in Crimson (even back to CCC) at some point, anywhere from 5 to 50 times of starting a game will just stop enabling Eyefinity when launching a game.  No errors, no fixes no nothing.  I can still manually do an Eyefinity "quick setup" then launch the game and it works but this is annoying and defeats the entire purpose of having a profile.  Ive googled this continually for a year now and I seem to be the only person this issue affects.  I used to think it was a driver issue and that the "next one" would fix it but sadly this is not the case. 


The ONLY fix Ive found is to DDU the old driver and reinstall the latest.  At which point the profile works as intended for awhile, but it doesn't last and will soon be broken again.  It has happened in every game Ive used.  Assetto Corsa, Heroes and Generals and now American Truck Sim.


I have a good computer 5820k/r9-390/32gb ddr4/800w psu adn seriously doubt it s a hardware issue. 


This has been a horrid AMD experience and not just the broken eyefinity profiles.  My 4 year old 2GB GTX680 runs almost as fast as my R9-390 with 8GB.  (NEVER AGAIN, EVER)


Has anyone else experienced this issue or have a suggestion?