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Yet another 9590 Freezing

Question asked by howman on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by hardcoregames™

Power Supply EVGA SupperNova 750 G2

VideoCard EVGA Geforce GT 730

MotherBoard MSI 990FXA Gaming

CPU AMD 9590

Memory Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz C9 Dual Channel

Liquid cpu cooler Corsair H115i

Harddrive Kingston 120G SSD SATA (main C Drive)


usb 2.0 card

raid card

13 storage drive 7 or 8 inturnal rest usb drives

Now my problem is that if I do not use AMD's over drive I can not turn turbo off and I heard

over drive doses not work well with windows 10.If I do not use over drive I can run computer for 5 mins

or so the longest it ran in turbo was about 45 mins whatching you tube. The setings in the bios are

grayed out and can not be changed.

Over clocking the cpu does not matter to much to me but if I can run it stable at 4.7 G  more would nice since you could

get 5G out of it.Right now it runs for days using amd's over drive to turn of turbo (with a few glich's when watching you tub)

now I use windows 10 to check memory it check out fine.But wether I run turbo or 4.7 g no testing software works

amd over drive Auto clock or stabiliy test will freeze(have to reset computer) or fail test but no blue screen.I tryed

prime95 and it fails With But I can complet amd's over drive bench mark test with a 12870


[Fri Aug 05 05:50:19 2016]

FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4609375, expected less than 0.4

Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.

FATAL ERROR: Resulting sum was 7.293663397089006e+016, expected: 7.293648232554014e+016

Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file.


But I can complet amd's over drive bench mark test with a 12870


more info

Amd over drive temp 8 core temps between 36 and 47 c tmpin1 56 c tmpin2 258.3c tmpin3 258.9 c tmpin4 250.7 c

now those temps can not be right other soft ware reads differnt

Crosair's Link 4 msi 990Fxa temp 1 30 c temp 2 50 c temp 3 41 c Vcpu 1.19 to 1.49 Amd FX-9590 between 28 and 35 c load 32 to 45 percent

Msi command center cpu temp 30 c system 41 c VCore 1.1 to 1.496



Voltage VCore max 1.496 min 0.000 right now fluxuates 1.2 to 1.496


TMPIN0 max 31 min 24 now 28

TMPIN1 max 45 min 45 now 48

TMPIN2 max 42 min 39 now 41

AMD fx9590


max 42 min 22 now between 25 and 37


Now I would like some help in proper setup of the MSI 990FXA and AMD 9590 cpu

and or a bios verion where I can change tubro so it does not say auto