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Windows 10 Anniversary Update causing blackscreen

Question asked by kingfish on Aug 11, 2016

Among the many problems caused by this "upgrade" is the black screen freeze up when starting the computer.

This article covers the problem as a whole:

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Watch out for these nasty surprises - TechRepublic


This covers the blackscreen issue and possible fixes:


SSD users affected.

Placing the AMD files in a different location fouls things up.

XBOX issues.


In the end Microsofts reaction:

Update 29: Official acknowledgement from @MicrosoftHelps on Twitter. Their message: @SoloWingX 1/2 Hello, Peter! We certainly want to get this taken care of! To resolve freezing issue after Windows 10 Anniversary Update. 2/2 please see post of Sangeeta Sarkar on this link: Let us know how it goes!