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Crusader kings 2 driver crash

Question asked by haattila on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by haattila

So this is my system:
i5 3570K

MSI z77A-G45
Rx 480 (crimson 16.7.3)
Win 7 64

8gb ddr3


Everytime i try to play ck2 after a certain amount of time ( 10 min or 75 min and i didn't find what is responsible of this gap) i get a 2sec black screen and then windows tells me that the game stopped responding and the amd display driver stopped responding and has recovered
I tried to fix this problem myself so i used DDU to make a clean install of the driver , i also reinstalled the game . After what i thought my OS was the problem so i made a save and wipe windows in order to reinstall driver and this game but the issue was still there
i already tested on other paradox game but neither magicka nor cities skylines crashed
(everything was tested without the amd gaming evovled app )

Games and win are legal version so that's not from there







Ps : My english could be rough it's not my native language