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How to force Crimson 16.8.1 to scan a second folder for games

Question asked by gamewiz1 on Aug 11, 2016

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to find a little help in setting up my Crimson settings.  I'm using the newest drivers, updated the other night to 16.8.1


I only have access to my Crossfire mode settings in a sub tab within the Gaming Tab on my settings called "New Volume (D). I would like to know if deleting that sub tab would relocate the crossfire mode setting into my Global settings, because currently, if I want to change it, I have to do it from the sub tab. The problem is that since Crossfire mode is only located within the D: volume tab, Oculus Rift games require a manual install.  Normally, I simply set my Global settings for everything and I'm set. Right now though, since the Oculus Software saves to your C: drive no matter what you do, I have to search for the game exe, then add it and set it up. I struggled to find one game the other day, so it would be faster if I could just use Global settings.


I'm afraid to try to delete the D: Volume tab in the gaming section though, then have no way to access Crossfire mode. Will that happen if I delete the subtab?


Thanks for any help!