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    16.7.3 Heat Issues! FIX INCLUDED


      I was watching Netflix and noticed that my card (which is a Radeon 7970, an older card) was revving up quite a bit. Normally the fan stays relatively quiet when I'm just watching a show. So I look at my temp and it's 67 C, pretty high for some Netflix! Not only that, but when I exited Netflix the card would not cool down. It stayed at 67 C when no programs were running. I was just sitting on my desktop watching my card temp hold at 67 C for a solid 15 minutes as if I was still watching the show.


      Straight away I restarted my computer. Same issue. Then I thought I had a virus. So I initiated multiple virus scans. Nothing. Restarted the computer again, still didn't help. Finally I tried to think back on what I might have installed recently that could have done this and I realized HEY I did install something. I installed the latest AMD drivers.


      THE FIX: So I went to device manager > display adapters > clicked my card > driver > roll back driver, and lo and behold the problem was fixed immediately. Card is now running at 55 C when watching Netflix and actually cools down when I exit my browser. Hopefully this helps anyone who is having the same issues, just roll back the driver.


      But come on AMD please fix this. I've always hated your software suite, but now the drivers are bad too? Better roll out a hotfix for this soon!