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AMD 16.7.3 MESS

Question asked by john007 on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by ray_m



Honestly AMD you've had enough time to optimize crimson and here we go again.


Installed you're crapware and upon restarting the unit the 'Welcome screen' just hangs for like 10seconds with 'Please Wait'. After that the system starts slower than a crappy old laptop and this unit has a new top of the line 1TB SSD.


Further more I gave you a chance and carried on setting up the drivers. Upon setting up the scaling for each resolution I noticed that half of the resolutions could not be scaled? The slider disappears? What a total mess.


Ok so with putting up with the worse boot up times ever and now overscanned resolutions I decided to test out your drivers.


Doesn't matter what 3D application new or old the framerate is shocking. GTA SA 2005 played like crap. Battlefield 2 plays like crap. BF3 BF4 even worse. Infact any bloody game plays shocking.


I even upgraded the bloody chipset drivers also 16.7.3.


The drivers have been tested on 3 units all with the same conclusion. Feels like a virus or malware of somesort.