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    How am i supposed to install a freshly bought APU System with a dedicated Graphiccard?




      i am a pc noob and dont know what to do.  i have bought an a10 7800 with 16gbyte ram  and i havent set the system up yet.    I want to use my GeForce GTX  960 i have from another pc in the apu build.   my operating system will be windows 7 64 bit.


      now my problems:  since i  am new to amd, i am completly lost on how to install an apu system freshly  with a dedicated graphiccard....


      i see a few options here:


      a)   i disable the apu  in the bios and install the amd all in one drivers from my asrock motherboard....and later the nvidia graphicdrivers.




      b)  i  install the amd all in 1 drivers including the apu graphicdrivers...and later i will install the nvidia drivers.  but i think this approach can lead to conflicts?




      c)  i install the amd all in 1 drivers including the apu drivers and later i will install the nvidia drivers and deactivate the apu in the windows 7 devicemanager



      which approach is the right one?  can you guys give me a idiot proof step by step list on how the best way is?


      i could even let the apu active  and just dont install the apu graphicdrivers and just install the nvidia drivers....but hell...i dont know what the "right way" is.


      can you guys please help me?