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HD 5450 showing same output on both display port connected, daisychained monitors

Question asked by smg998 on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by smg998

VisionTek Radeon HD5450 PCIE512M , dual DVI outputs, one DP output

Dell Studio 540 Desktop

Windows 10 64bit

AMD Catalyst Control Center 2015.1104.1643.30033

2D Driver

Dell U2515H, Displayport connected to miniDP of graphics card, 2560x1440@60p Hz

Dell U2515H, Displayport daisychained off first monitor (above), 2560x1440@60p Hz



I connected a second Dell monitor via the DisplayPort cable to the DP output of the first Dell monitor. I get identical output to both monitors.

I click on Detect in Display settings but it only lists one monitor as detected.

I click on Identify in Display settings and it shows a large '1' on both monitors.

I want to get both monitors detected, so that when I click on Identify a '2' appears on the second monitor.

I have tried with no success, the following:


-Enabling/Disabling the DP 1.2 setting on each monitor

-Dropping the resolution of both monitors to 1920x1080 to reduce the bandwidth in case DP 1.2 wasn't supported by the graphics card.


I suspect that the graphics card doesn't support daisychaining but if that was the case why does it show output on the second monitor?


Any help gratefully received.