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    HD 5450 showing same output on both display port connected, daisychained monitors


      VisionTek Radeon HD5450 PCIE512M , dual DVI outputs, one DP output

      Dell Studio 540 Desktop

      Windows 10 64bit

      AMD Catalyst Control Center 2015.1104.1643.30033

      2D Driver

      Dell U2515H, Displayport connected to miniDP of graphics card, 2560x1440@60p Hz

      Dell U2515H, Displayport daisychained off first monitor (above), 2560x1440@60p Hz

      8GB RAM


      I connected a second Dell monitor via the DisplayPort cable to the DP output of the first Dell monitor. I get identical output to both monitors.

      I click on Detect in Display settings but it only lists one monitor as detected.

      I click on Identify in Display settings and it shows a large '1' on both monitors.

      I want to get both monitors detected, so that when I click on Identify a '2' appears on the second monitor.

      I have tried with no success, the following:


      -Enabling/Disabling the DP 1.2 setting on each monitor

      -Dropping the resolution of both monitors to 1920x1080 to reduce the bandwidth in case DP 1.2 wasn't supported by the graphics card.


      I suspect that the graphics card doesn't support daisychaining but if that was the case why does it show output on the second monitor?


      Any help gratefully received.