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    Radeon RX 480 - problems with using TeamViewer



      I have an issue with trying to check power usage, temperature, fan speed and others using remote acces to my machine using TeamViewer. When I am phisically present next to it and using normal monitor I don't have any problems - I can easily access WattMan (in RADEON SETTINGS sofware). But when I'm using TeamViewer and try to access it remotly i can see all except AMD SETTINGS software (and by extension - WattMan) - there is only white window where settings should be.

      (using windows 10 on both machines and with newest drivers)




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          So I think I found a solution to the same issue after lots of searching.


          It is related to an article I saw here (https://www.teamviewer.com/en/help/1057-how-do-i-use-teamviewer-on-headless-systems)

          The problem is that when there is NO monitor connected then for TeamViewer:


          A.) Content which is related to hardware acceleration (i.e. browser content or 3D applications/games) can not be displayed properly

          B.) The whole user interface could not be displayed (black screen)


          So after I read that I left a monitor connected and used TeamViewer from my phone. Everything worked fine including Wattman BUT when I disconnected my monitor I just saw a transparent window and nothing else (related to the first problem mentioned above).


          Thus the solution is to either leave a monitor connected to the rig or use an HDMI terminator. I did the second and it works fine