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16.8.1 and 16.7.3 cause glitches and flickering black screens

Question asked by pixelcowboy on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by amdmatt

I just bought an RX480 (reference) and coming from an Nvidia card I have never experienced this quality level out of drivers. I'm running Windows 10 (Anniversary update) through the Slow Ring, and it was a pain initially to get 16.7.2 installed because of the certificate problems. 16.8.1 required completely disabling SecureBoot in the BIOS. However, both drivers for me are completely unstable, running stock settings. Constant flickering and strange graphics glitches. 16.7.2 is mostly fine, although it runs fairly hot, seems hotter than the other two, but it's hard to judge as I can barely do anything with the 'stable' 16.7.3 drivers and the 16.8.1. Please give an estimate on a fix, as I'm leaning to returning this card and going with Nvidia instead. Currently running on 16.7.2 as that's the only way my computer is semi stable.