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    Unstable Core Clock Speed on R7 370


      My rig,

      FX 8350

      8 GB Corsair Vengeance

      Asus Strix R7 370 2GB

      PSU - 650 Watt Corsair VS650


      The by default the core clock speed is 1050 Mhz, Memory clock's 1400 Mhz. The temperatures, when running a game like Witcher 3 remain below 70 degrees, with near full GPU usage.

      However, if I overclock the card by a mere 50 Mhz, to about 1100 Mhz, even though the temperatures remain the same, the game crashes. The graph on Afterburner shows a fall, right from 1100 to the base 2D clock of 300 Mhz, then a little up, to 925 Mhz and then to 1050. All of this within a second, and needless to say, the game crashes. I was overclocking from afterburner, didn't work; overclocked from Overdrive (Crimson)- didn't hold. I'd read, AMD has fixed this problem by adding a Power button toggle on various cards, as the release note of 16.3.1 goes. But I'm on 16.7.3, clockspeeds still don't hold. I suspect, the clock speed drops even when running the stock speeds, down to 925 or so, but since the jump isn't so high back again, the game stutters but doesn't crash. In any case, there's a problem here. Would adding voltage to my Core help the case? I'd set the power limit to +20 percent, but no dice. Haven't tweaked the voltages, because I'm rather unwilling to. Is there a way I can keep my card throttled at 1100 MHz?