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    Please help with games crashing


      My issues with games crashing began 3 weeks ago. I was playing Far Cry 4 when crashes would occur within 20 minutes stating Display Driver failure. The problem got worse by no longer loading, just crashing with the same error. I updated all the drivers which did not fix the problem. I figured it was the graphics card, so I purchased a new one (same model) and did a clean install of windows. I installed the new graphics card and re-downloaded Far Cry 4. This time the game would crash with no error, it would just freeze.


      I then figured maybe it was just the game, so I did another clean install with all the latest windows updates and installed fallout 4. The game would take me to the main menu and when I started a new game, the game would crash with no error, just took me back to my main windows screen. I tired many troubleshooting tools, fixing regedit with TdrDelay and TdrLevel, I tried messing with the power options, uninstalled display drivers, running the game as Admin, bios updates, Ram test,  etc. Nothing has worked. Again this is a new graphics card. Games are legit.


      I can watch Blu-ray moves, stream movies, and surf the net with no problems.


      Windows 10 (64 bit)

      Gigabyte x99-UD3P

      32 GB DDR4 Ram

      1000 watt power supply

      i7-5600k CPU

      Samsung 950 pro SSD

      XFX R9 280x AMD graphics card

      Using 51 inch home TV


      If I can get this fix, I am so done with PC gaming.

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          Sounds like either a problem with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, faulty RAM (Memtest86+ will tell you much more reliably than Windows Memory Diagnostic), or a power supply issue (voltage less than 11.9v), but I'd highly suspect the buggy update. If you have a Windows 7 or 8 disk you can install it (but do not activate it) on a separate partition to test that theory.