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(Linux)R9 380 w/AMDGPU Pro drivers

Question asked by erasmusgrant on Aug 9, 2016

Disto: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS

GPU: R9 380

CPU: FX-8370


I did not have a problem until I installed AMDGPU Pro drivers. The set up worked with default AMD GPU and works on Windows.

Ran xrandr both monitors detected as DVI-D

Problem: Monitor 2 is vga connected via DVI-I adapter.

Troubleshooting:Hooked my 32" tv via HDMI and swapped my DVI-D monitor over the DVI-I port and they both worked.

I think the problem is for w/e reason my system is reading my DVI-I port as a DVI-D port. Therefore no analog data is being sent out.

After hours of googling and reaching out on other venues I have made no progress.