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    Insistent false update HD 5770


      Hi. I have this old but good AMD HD 5770 GPU which has 16.2.1 Crimson drivers as the latest and final one which AMD will reléase (as far as they have told us). But, sooner than later, AMD Radeon Settings app (Windows 10) begun to notify for a "New Update" which are:


      -16.7.2 (Beta)

      It says as "currently installed" I have 15.301.1901. I have this confusión between Crimson vs this 15.301 etc driver. Anyways, I begun update with beta versión to see what is going on, and the strange thing is that NOTHING HAPPENED. The same drivers are installed once and again in a never ending nofitfication for "new update" from AMD side. It also confuses me because the Radeon Settings auto downloaded and installed VULKANO engine!!!. I read my GPU will not have this update. Ok, I Said, maybe it was a surprise udpate! But when trying to playing Doom with Vulkano a crash window appears and begins a log process. So Vulkano is not supported but these guys gave me the udpate!!!


      Well I guess the answer is: don't update anything for my GPU because everything so far, has been only a bad management of drivers downloads from AMD side...


      Excuse my english please and have a nice summer!

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          It was a bug which only got fixed on later drivers which you can't use since your GPU is legacy now.  You will need to either:

          Reinstall the drivers you have but without check for updates options ticked


          Use the reset to factory defaults option in the Radeon Settings app


          Turn off the tray icon in the Radeon Settings preferences.


          You will not be able to make use of Vulkan as your GPU is too old.