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"Fallout 4 has stopped working" will not allow me to play the game at all

Question asked by rlstine4 on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by goodplay

I recently got a Sapphire RX 470 Nitro+ and made sure my drivers were up to date, and I can't play Fallout 4 at all without it crashing. Windowed mode works but I keep getting 1 fps when customizing my character and from there on. Bethesda support seems to be stumped and I've already gone through many of their  troubleshooting procedures. Likewise, the launcher says it can't recognize my GPU. I uninstalled the integrated graphics drivers and shut off the integrated GPU in my bios. The only other game that doesn't work is the Witcher 2 which always crashes on startup, other than that everything is working fine.