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Problem with latest drivers

Question asked by xyxmamaxyx on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by xyxmamaxyx

Hi !

I have hoped that this latest driver will resolve my issue, but no, its the same as before.

I think that should amd really put more effort into this problem.

I have made clean install of latest windows, but problem still exist.


So my specifications are: HP Probook 470 g0

12 gb ram ddr3,  ssd intenso 256gb, amd radeon hd 8750m 2gb ddr3, i5 3230m 2,6-3,2ghz,

and now have i installed the driver 16.7.2 and no problems at all.


Please fix this or gave me instruction how to install latest driver with no crashing the system, and fan going crazy


Tnx for all help !