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No BIOS display when GPU has drivers installed

Question asked by gavintrujillo on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by gavintrujillo

I'll start off by mentioning that I can get my PC to run perfectly normal under specific conditions, so I would assume this is a software/drivers issue

To put it simply, when i start my computer, nothing shows up on the display, but only if I have the GPU drivers installed. The computer will work fine if I haven't installed any drivers, or if the GPU is unplugged, and the monitor is connected to the motherboard obviously.


My motherboard: MSI G45-Z87 Gaming

GPU: Radeon R9 390

I have installed the latest BIOS, VGA, and Chipset from the MSI support page


First I'll describe a bit of troubleshooting I did

  • When powering on the PC, it doesn't output a display, and my keyboard/mouse aren't connected
  • All fans in the PC run when it is turned on
  • After pressing the physical reset button, the keyboard/mouse turn on, but still no display
  • The only way I can get my PC to boot currently*, is by
    • 1. Shutting down the PC and uninstalling the graphics card
    • 2. Launching windows and shutting it down (using the motherboard for the video output)
    • 3. Then connecting the GPU and starting the PC
    • After shutting down the PC the next time, it goes back to the black screen problem. In other words, I would have to do this every time i wanted to start my PC
  • Using the workaround listed above, i was able to uninstall my GPU drivers, and test installing an outdated driver (the first release of crimson). That didnt work.
  • I then tried updating my drivers through the outdated crimson software. The drivers were up to date, but that still didn't fix my problem.
  • I also tried selecting only the display driver in the installation, or only the software (and the required checkboxes). Nothing helped.
  • At first, I could get around my black screen problem by powering the PC, then immediately restarting it with the physical reset button
  • In an attempt to fix the problem, I tried installing my motherboard's VGA drivers. The above solution didn't work after these drivers were installed, but luckily reinstalling the graphics card, and triggering the BIOS reset pins fixed it a little
  • At this point, I didn't have to do anything extra to get my PC to start, but oddly enough, the monitor is still turned off during the BIOS...



Based on all of this information, I can only assume that the only problem here is that my GPU with the newest drivers can not display anything pre-OS. This would explain how I have been able to work around this in the past by restarting, because there was some message promp not allowing the PC to start, i.e. the "Windows was not properly shutdown" screen.


At this point I've already worked longer on this problem than my GPU is even worth, and I'm all out of ideas. Hopefully i can get some specific help here for my unique problem, as searches I've done in the past have lead to nothing but "your GPU is dead", or "your motherboard is dead".


Let me know if there's anything else i can try, or if I've forgotten to mention something important. Even a workaround temporarily would be great, thanks.


Edit: I have a 390, not a 380