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I have fps drops when i leftclick and when scrolling

Question asked by ozzyz on Aug 9, 2016
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Hello everyone,


As i stated in title, i have masive fps drops when i leftclick and when i scroll. I just instaled windows 10 a fiew days ago, and it automaticly instaled some drivers on my laptop, so it was ready to play games. I played League of Legends and Stronghold Crusader mainly and it ran normaly with steady 60 fps, but yesterday i downloaded Chivalry Medieval Warfare, on whitch i had a really low FPS even tho settings were for the lowest possible configuration, so i decided to check if the graphic driver is up to date (withc wasn't), and downloaded Radeon Crimson 16.7.3, instaled it, configured Radeon Settings, and I was ready for gaming once again. I started Chivalry and i had 40-60 fps and everything was good until i used leftclick and scroll down and scroll up(whitch is used for attacking), when ever i leftclicked or scrolled  i would get a fps drop to 2-15 fps for a second...It's like whole game freezes for a second whenever i click or scroll. Then later i tried to play other games(withch ran with constantly 60 fps and no lag) and noticed that in all of them as sometimes in other programs i use on my laptop, same problem occurs, when i leftclick or scrol, everything freezes for a second and then goes to normal untill the next click or scroll. I would appriciate verry much if someone can help me resolve this problem  because it is frustrating as hell.


NOTE: When using rightclick nothing freezes, in LoL and Crusader where the most thigs is done with right click, there was no spikes or drops when rightclicking, same goes for chivalry, no fps dropps when rightclicking

NOTE 2: I uninstaled xbox app that comes with win10, because there were some word it can cause a problem that i described, but even so, the problem remains.