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    Eyefinity driver crash at Windows 10 anniversary edition


      Hi AMD,


      Ever since Windows 10 has been updated to the new "Anniversary Edition", I have very limited success with my Eyefinity setup.


      It is extremely unstable, and if I run games in windowed fullscreen the driver will crash completely every time I alt-tab another window in front or I even adjust volume (where the windows volume overlay is shown). This is regardless of game, and the driver will also crash frequently without alt-tab'ing to another program.


      Also, when I exit a game, my left screen will remain black until I somehow manage to disable Eyefinity again, at which point it will return to normal 3-screen setup. I can then re-enable Eyefinity and start over.


      My setup is PLP setup witn 20"+30"+20" running 4960x1600 on a R9 Nano graphics card. This has worked flawlessly for over half a year now, until Windows 10 was updated to the new edition, so please look into if Microsoft has changes something in the handling of the overlay and fix it in your drivers.


      I am always on latest driver version and have just updated to 16.8.1 but the crash is still there.


      This is a huge bug for me, so please fix it.

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          Thanks for the post, I'd like to raise your issue with our engineers.


          Please can you attach (do not copy and paste) your DXDIAG report to your next response. Please also provide the following information and include reproduction steps so we can test the issue. Thank you.


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              When I try to run DXDIAG it crashes with a "... has stopped working". Next run I can chose to bypass DirectShow, and then it will finish. That report has been attached.


              Describe your system:

              • AMD Graphics Card
                • Sapphire R9 Nano
              • Desktop or Laptop System
                • Desktop
              • Operating System
                • Windows 10 64bit
              • Driver version installed
                • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3. Have also tried 16.8.1 but that was worse. Have tried cleanup utility, but same issues.
              • Display Devices
                • Dell 2007FPb + Dell U3014 + Dell 2007FPb
              • Motherboard
                • Asus Maximus VI Extreme
              • CPU/APU
                • Intel Core i7 4770K
              • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                • Fractal Design 1000W
              • RAM
                • 16Gb

              Describe your issue:

              • Issue started after Windows Anniversary update
              • Issue is when running a 3D game under Eyefinity (one desktop for all 3 displays)
              • Same setup had no problems before Windows Anniversay update (looks like the Windows overlay technology has been changed)
              • Example:
              • Running game (eg World of Warcraft) in window mode. Every overlay (eg. alt-tab a window in front or adjusting volume in windows) will result in driver resetting, all screens blinking out to desktop windows, fans of graphics card go silent. Then the driver boots back up and the game comes back. This happens every time.
              • Running game in fullscreen mode (eg Rise of the Tomb Raider). Game crashes when adjusting volume (because of the overlay that windows wants to show the volume meter).
              • It is possible to run a game if I don't touch anything that will require an overlay image from Windows (volume or whatever).
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                  Your OS does not sound in great health if a simple DXDIAG report is crashing. Please try the steps below to clean up your system, but a fresh installation of Windows might be required if the issue persist, after trying these troubleshooting steps.


                  Run the Windows Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) and System File Check (SFC) tools as Administrator. The DISM and SFC tools scan the integrity of the Windows image and all protected system files replaces corrupted, damaged and incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.


                  To run the DISM command do the following:

                  • Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin).

                  Type the following command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press enter:

                  Note: While running DISM you will notice the process will pause at 20%. After a few minutes the operation will complete successfully.


                  To run the SFC command, please refer to this Microsoft knowledge base article

                  • Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open the Power User menu and select Command Prompt (Admin).

                  Type the following command SFC /SCANNOW and press enter:

                  For more information on using SFC on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, please refer to this Microsoft KB:


                  AMD driver software package requires the latest updates for Microsoft Net Framework and Windows to be installed. Please run Windows Update and install all available critical and recommended updates. In order to minimise the risk of installation errors, Windows should be fully updated before installing AMD driver software package.


                  Use DDU to sweep the system of AMD drivers in safe mode.


                  Install the new Crimson 16.8.2 drivers once the above is completed and check to see if the issue is resolved.

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                      Thank you for the guide and the effort.


                      I just went through all the steps and am now on 16.8.2.


                      Unfortunately the problem is the same. Sometimes my computer will also completely crash (restart) if I alt-tab or adjust volume (which will show the volume meter from windows on top of the window).


                      All these issues are ONLY there when I run Eyefinity (all 3 screens as a desktop). If I run the screens as "normal" individual screens (and a game will only run on the middle screen) I have no issues.


                      It all started after the big "Anniversary" update on Windows. It seems like Windows and the AMD driver is fighting about who has the control of the screens and the image when running in Eyefinity.


                      Maybe the challenge is my PLP setup, which I know is not common, but it used to work flawlessly before...