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Opening SteamVR causes GPU to lock itself at 100% load, and will not drop even after SteamVR and Steam itself is closed

Question asked by td997 on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by fxv300

Hey guys! I've noticed a strange issue with my Vive. When I turn on SteamVR with my Vive plugged into my computer, the GPU load goes all the way up to 100%.  This is just starting the application, and still on the desktop without even getting into a VR game yet.  When I quit SteamVR, the GPU load doesn't go back to normal. Even quitting Steam still leaves the GPU at 100% load. So after exiting any Vive program that was previously running, the GPU doesn't downclock, staying at the max of 1266 Mhz, and idle temperatures stay around 75 degrees instead of 40-50, even without any programs open. It fixes itself when I reset the computer, or if I exit out of steam and put the computer to sleep and reawaken it, but that's a really janky solution.  I'm using a RX 480 8gb. This problem doesn't happen with regular games, it only occurs once SteamVR starts.  Another thing I noticed is without the Vive plugged in, GPU usage is normal, so the problem only arises with a Vive plugged in. I know the bug happens with both Drivers 16.7.3 and 16.8.1.



Other users who have this problem noticed that Driver 16.5.1 is the last driver to not have this particular problem, though as a RX 480 user, downgrading to 16.5.1 isn't an option for me since my GPU came out after that driver.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, it is very irritating to have to reset the computer after using my Vive. 

Here's a video showing the problem