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OpenCL disabled on CodeXL

Question asked by on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by fsadough

I needed a little help from you to get started with OpenCL environment now. So I now have the machine(OS=Win 7 Enterprise--Intel Xeon without graphics + AMD FireproW7100) and I have installed Softwares like Visual Studio 2015, CodeXL, Intel Parallel Studio XE and installed the required drivers for the AMD GPU (Firepro W7100) and Intel Xeon processor. Now I am trying to execute some sample programs and follow some tutorials, and trying to get accustomed to the OpenCL parallel computing programs.


But somehow, when running one of the simple sample program on CodeXL (Teapot example), I am getting an error - "OpenCL is disabled and there is OpenGL Extension...missing, I guess.". I tried to explore but could not find the cause. Attached are few more screenshots (GPU Caps Viewer) which give more details about the configuration of the system. I need your help in troubleshooting this.


Please advise.



Also, note, I am able to run this Teapot example on my laptop(i7-5500U, 3.0 GHz, but No- GPU). I think it has integrated HD graphics. But Workstation which we are talking about has Intel Xeon Processor E5‐2687W v4.