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    vulkan on 7950 in DOOM


      hi, a tryed to use opgl  and vulkan in DOOM on my 7950 with crimson 16.8.1,  and got less fps (10-15%) on vulkan, what a mistake i made? or 7950 doesnt normaly work with vulkan?

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            Hello, I am unsure if you've solved this issue with doom but I had a heck of a time getting mine to work.

            Tried every suggestion

            Update drivers, turn off application in game overlays... list goes on.

            Here's what I did.

            Uninstalled all of my AMD packages, restarted,

            Ran a program called DDU ( Display Driver Uninstaller )

            Go in where you have AMD folders and delete them all ( not your MOBO folders though. )

            Rebooted then installed Crimson 16.7.2

            Ensured Crossfire was enabled and it took a few minutes but it loaded.

            Although with 6GB of video ram my system can only play it on High settings.

            Locked up my PC on Ultra

            Good luck