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    AMD crimson 144hz issue


      Hi, so i've got my new monitor (BenQ XL2730Z) and i want to make some custom resolutions in the AMD Crimson program.

      Everytime i try to put the 'global hz value' to 144 and click verify, it won't work, it does work at 60.



      Here is a screenshot : http://imgur.com/a/T6FVT



      When i try to alter the 1HZ to anything greater then 99 it won't work. At 99 HZ or above the pixel clock will always say 400.000 khz, it won't go higher than that. Would really appreciate some help, thanks!

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          Depends how it is connected, you would need to be using displayport 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 cable for 144Hz.


          There is a firmware bug on XL2730Z which requires a factory reset sometimes.  you can enter the factory service menu by power off, hold down OSD buttons 3 and 4 for five seconds while powering on, release them, then enter the factory menu and choose Reset All or Recall all.  It might be called CLEAR USER on XL2730Z

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              Hi amdpete, thanks for responding.


              I'm using the displayport cable that came with the monitor.

              I've tried getting into the factory menu, but it doesn't work.

              Also, even when i put Windows on 60HZ and do the same in Crimson my monitor OSD information still displays 2560x1440@144hz.