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    Crossfire/Trifire flickering on Battleborn and others. 16.7.3


      As the topic says, been seeing some crazy flickering in Battleborn, as well as black/missing textures. Mostly see it with non static items, like bodies, chests, etc. 


      Triple 290X on driver version 16.7.3


      Also having issues in Overwatch. Though it is full screen flickering there, and only after the most recent Overwatch update.


      Lastly, Star Wars Battlefront 2015 has the black shadowy issues again with the last two driver updates.

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          Thanks for the post. Please submit a bug report and rollback your driver.

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              Bug report has been submitted, though I have found a possible solution for Overwatch, and listed it in another thread.



              "Hey guys, think I found a fix for Overwatch.I noticed the flickering was similar to The Witcher 3 when it first came out. Tried it with the Witcher 3's profile and the flickering stopped, but it would crash after a few minutes. Someone in the Blizzard forums said that they had the crashing stop with 16.8.1, so I upgraded to that. Sadly, it did not help. So I tinkered around with the profile a little, the combination that seems to work so far was to limit the frames with FRTC and to disable Frame Pacing. No flickering and no crashing! For now."



              And no, I didn't roll back, but moved up to 16.8.1. I've yet to try Battleborn.

              Battleborn Update: After much screwing around and checking for other games that have had similar issues. First I only tried games with a similar engine (Unreal) and was having limited success. Then I tried Lost Planet 2's profile, and it worked... kind of, still had flashing occasionally... Played with some settings, and the following seems to work: Anti-aliasing Mode - Override application settings, Anti-Aliasing level - 2xEQ, Anti-aliasing Fliter - Standard and Anti-aliasing Method - Adaptive Multisampling.  So far so good, trifire in 5760x1080 everything cranked and now no flickering.


              Hopefully these help others!


              Battlefront is still broken....