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MSI R9 390  - Running Hot under load (90c to 94c)

Question asked by funnybuddha on Aug 8, 2016
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I've had the MS R9 390 (STOCK settings) since November and have been battling hot temps the whole time.  Idles fine but under load it's often running at max card temperature (94c).  I've tried just about everything I can think of hence me being here for any insight and/or info.  I've done the clean install of the drivers multiple times using the AMD tool.  Tried adjusting fan speeds using MSI Afterburner.  I've re-applied the thermal compound on the GPU per MSI.  Nothing has worked.  Tonight I'm going to try to set the fans to 100% all the time to see if it can control the temps.  I believe I have tried this before but can't remember at this point...  Any thoughts and/or troubleshooting direction would be great.  Room temp is usually around 30c.


Mostly playing Overwatch on Ultra Graphics.  From what I can tell I shouldn't be seeing temps like this at all.  Even when I turn down the GFX the card still runs very hot.



Case: Corsair 400Q

Front Fan x2: 1 140mm Corsair; 1 120mm Corsair

Rear Fan x1: 120mm Corsair

Power: 750w Corsair  RM

CPU: AMD FX6300 w/CM Hyper T2 Cooler

Ram: 8gb Gskill DDR3 1600