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      Bare-bones entry-level gaming PC. Seriously, it's empty. No video card, 1 stick of RAM, Built by KillShot Gaming. NEVER buy from them or do any business with them. OS wouldn't activate when received. Took a year to get a legal activation. Build is bad. Customer Service is worse. Shipped me an empty server bottle of rum that was converted into a DIY tiki torch instead of the PC at first. Seriously, KillShot is the worst company I've ever dealt with.


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      CPUAMD A4-6300
      MotherboardGigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. F2A78M-HD2
      Memory4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz (11-11-12-28)
      Graphics768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 8370D integrated APU
      Disc Drive 1931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1ER162 (SATA)
      Disc Drive 2none
      Disc Drive 3none
      PSU480 WATT unknown
      CaseAZZA CSAZ-206
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          Sorry you had to deal with that. Yeah looks like they threw together some parts and called it a gaming PC. No offense to AMD but a dual-core APU doesn't make a gaming PC. Plus the use of a grey PSU in an all black case smh. Hope you can build onto that and make it worth while.

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            Wow, that's got to be disheartening.


            I think I can explain where the rum bottle Tiki torch came from. I Googled and found a photo of Killshot Gaming's build space full of booze bottles that had been converted to Tiki torches. With a little more Googling I found Bill Spire's LinkedIn page and it seems he's also the CEO of "Tabletop Tiki - Manufacturer of recycled tiki torches." …


            I'm going to give them an E for effort on that cable management, but I must point out anything less than a D is not a passing grade. And that mystery PSU isn't going to make the passing grade either.

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                Yeah. When I called to find out what kind of sick joke this was he explained that he has a side business where he takes the server bottles from all the local bars and refurbishes them into tiki torches because they don't have a very good recycling program in the area. So it's that or throw them away. Makes sense, but it doesn't explain how you accidentally ship me an empty rum bottle instead of a desktop PC. They aren't the same weight or fit the same box. Besides, the PC was put back in the AZZA case box after being built and then that was put inside another shipping box with moldable air foam. If you ask me it should have been impossible for such a mistake to be made. Worse still the problems didn't end there. The OS activation key didn't work on arrival. All attempts at replacement keys also failed. The PC shipped with a bay cover and the other half for the rear tray lock missing. Multiple attempts to send me replacements never arrived. 3 or more attempts to send me a recovery USB to get the OS activated never arrived. And the final attempt, online support over TeamViewer to create a temporary backup partition and download & run a recovery failed so I have an unusable DriveClone System Recovery 146GB partition that I don't know how to remove. They said they had been in contact with MS and had a new key approved, but nothing ever worked. Took me about an hour on the phone with MS to get the OS activated after giving up on KillShot. They are completely inept! But even after upgrading to W10 some things still don't work properly. Stupid things like I cannot change the login screen/lock screen background or user picture. And CPU usage in Task Manager frequently goes to 90-100% and I have to wait for it to calm down before I can do anything. I'm going to do a complete format and clean reinstall of the ISO provided direct from MS, but I need to figure this partition out first. It's been over a decade since I had to do anything like this and sadly I've forgotten everything.



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                Wow! That is SO BAD! An A4-6300? I hope you didn't pay much to them... Seriously, seriously poor shizzle right there.

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                  Nice One

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                    I am so confused on whats going on here lol