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directly rendering with OpenCL to displaybuffer in linux with AMD HW

Question asked by edwin12 on Aug 8, 2016

At the moment we are working on an advanced renderer that uses Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) interfaces to display graphics buffers in Linux. This renderer displays frames that are processed with OpenCL (advanced video processing) without X or other window manager.

Currently we create with the Generic Buffer Manager (GBM) a graphics buffer (bo). This buffer can than be display with DRM.


Currently we use an Intel extension to create an clImage from this graphics buffer (bo). Then we use OpenCL to calculate that buffer and display it.

However I would like to do the same thing with AMD HW.


What is the best way of doing this with AMD HW. We need to do this without making any copies (e.g. additional render pass with OpenGL)

What kind of extension are available for this ? Can we create an clImage directly from an bo (created with GBM). Or do we need to do this with EGL ? If so, is the extension cl_khr_egl_image supported in all AMD HW ?  Is it possible to create clImage(s) from an EGL Window Surface ( eglCreateWindowSurface) ? Or is there an other way ?


Any help would really appreciated.