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    Stuttering and lag after driver update 16.1



      My system is:

      HP 15-AF107ns laptop

      Processor:AMD A8-7410 2.2 ghz with Radeon R5 M230

      Graphics card:2GB Radeon R5 M330 DDR3


      Hard drive:1TB

      OS:Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

      After i updated the display driver after 16.1 version my laptop lags about two seconds before refreshing the display.Even when the computer is idle on desktop i can see the lag while dragging the folders and while writing,the letters show up after 2 seconds.In games my screen occasionally freezes for 1 or 2 seconds.I tried the latest 16.7.3 driver version but it didnt help.In order to fix this issue i had to uninstall the drivers and reinstall the older 16.1 driversI have been looking for a solution but i couldn´t find any help.Do you have any suggestion?