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    Cooling fan bug report for 16.7.3 driver with RX 480


      Not sure what may have caused this, but figured I would report it here to be safe. Could have just been an extremely rare fluke.


      I was doing some things at my desktop and using Chrome browsing the web when suddenly my reference model RX 480 just started ROARING out of nowhere at about 100% fan speed.



      Here is what WattMan shows while it's running at the full speed:






      I cannot find any reason or setting that made it happen, but it did. First time this has occurred for me


      Not sure if this means anything or if it's just a fluke, but wanted to point this out and be safe. It really scared me when the silence was broken by this beast

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          lol i can imagin full speed of RX480 fan cuz i got one, when it reach my maximum 2500rpm i can hear it's loud, how is 100%

          Use CPUID HWmonitor, but sometimes it fakes, 2 days ago it showed me that my GPU was 210c and yesterday fan RPM was 50.000 lol, but you can clearly see it's faking, i'm not worried anymore.


          I'm also using 16.7.3 but never watched Wattman after gaming because it crashes, use HWmonitor for specific details.

          btw, i suggest you to lower the fan target to 70c or 75c, so the fan will start rising speed at this temperatures, better cooling.

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            I just remembered that you may have the same as my issue, without doing anything the gpu usage will jump to 100% including 50% CPU, why?

            I found out there a procces starts automatically after few mins of turning on the windows, it's called Realtek HD Audio, it is not the main procces that start with windows, that was Realtek HD Audio manager. Everytime i start windows i wait for this proccess to start and i end it. I noticed this issue after 16.7.3, seems to be from the driver audio manager.

            At the start i thought it's virus, i did many scans results nothing, i opened tehe proccess destination and then it opened a legit folder.


            Edit* I don't know why i'm holding up on this broken driver, i gonna uninstall and install 16.7.2

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                I have to say, i uninstalled 16.7.3 and removed my anti-virus exception to C:/windows/system/drivers because it was deteced that i couldn't install and launch 16.7.3 otherwise.


                now 16.7.2 like a charm, wasn't detected as a virus and that PROCESS cause 100% usage starting with no usage at all!! (the realtek HD audio) as i thought it was driver issue. AMD folks should read all this. and fix in the next driver.